Once your floor sanding has been done, you can apply different finishes to it, such as varnish or oil. Floor sealing is usually done to restore the shine, improve durability and avoid damage.

Which Sealant to Use?

When selecting a sealant, a variety of factors have to be taken into consideration, such as what treatments have been used throughout your floor’s life, the type of wood flooring you have and any damage present, including the less obvious such as discolouration caused by water and spillages.

There are many steps to be taken and many informed decisions to be made, so it is important to undertake the services of professionals. CMT Wood Flooring provide service throughout Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall and surrounding areas.

CMT Wood Flooring will evaluate your flooring and advise you on the type of floor sealing to be used. We can provide valuable advice based on many years of experience and practice, saving you time and frustration while providing the finish you require.

How Long Does It Take?

An average room takes approximately one day. When using a quick-drying sealant, you can walk on the floor after just 8 hours. It usually takes an extra couple of days for the sealant to dry and reach its maximum hardness before you can place the furniture on the floor.

Average Life Span of the New Floor.

In an average household, hallways normally receive most traffic and you can expect the floor seal to last 5-6 years. However, your floors will last years longer with good quality sealing and care. CMT Wood Flooring offer free advice on how to maintain your floor to prevent it from wearing off. Our aim is to provide a long-lasting result and the best possible service to all of our customers.

Other Services

CMT Wood Flooring are experts in Tarkett flooring and Junckers flooring, as well as oak flooring and strip floors. Whether you need floor sealing, floor restoration, parquet floors or any other services in Wolverhampton, Dudley & Walsall, feel free to contact us.

CMT Wood Flooring also provide other flooring services, including supplying and fitting Tarkett flooring, Junckers flooring and Boen Flooring. Browse our website to find out more or call us on 0121 350 0839.